Short-term results from foot patrol in San Francisco | Modern Policing

Below is a link to the UC Berkeley report.

This article reports a 17% drop in thefts and 19% drop in assaults in San Francisco following reassignment of 69 officers to foot patrol in 2017. The main target was thefts, especially from autos, which had nearly doubled since 2010, from 2,100 per month to over 4,000, with a very low clearance rate. Analysis by…
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See the the UC Berkeley report HERE

FOP Survey Finds Low Morale, Doubts About Policing Strategies Among Nashville Cops

This is an interesting article that reports on a survey of police officers and information on a policing strategy used. There are links in the article for the survey results and the implementation of the policing strategy.

A survey of 593 Nashville police officers taken in April reflects some of the same issues highlighted by recent assessment
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NYPD improves victim services | Modern Policing

This is an excellent article. Make sure to follow the links in the story for some great resources that Susan Herman used to develop the victim services program.

This article describes enhancements that NYPD has made to victim services over the last 4-5 years. The agency has adopted 101 initiatives “infused with trauma-informed practices, a raft of changes in police training, and an overriding goal to connect more victims with available counseling and reimbursement for funerals, medical costs, lost wages, and other disruptions…
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Use of Force in New Jersey | Modern Policing

News media in New Jersey obtained over 72,000 documents from the state’s 469 police departments for the years 2012-2016 to compile what it calls a “comprehensive statewide database of police use of force.” According to the authors, “No one has ever seen data like this in New Jersey. Not the attorney general, not county prosecutors…
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