Precision Policing

William Bratton one of the Greatest Leaders in Policing talks about his latest concept of policing – Precision Policing.  Here is an excerpt from his recent article:

“Fortunately, a Peel-inspired template exists for how policing can effectively confront the Great Divide, prevent crime and disorder, and address other pressing problems such as the opioid epidemic, homelessness, and quality-of-life concerns—a strategy built on lessons from earlier crucibles, best practices from around the country, and effective collaboration among political leaders, the police, and the public. Coauthor Bratton and his executive team, of which coauthor Murad was a member, named it “precision policing.””

Links to Bratton’s article and interview from the City Journal:

William Bratton – Precision Policing in the City-Journal

Interview: Bratton on “Precision Policing”


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