Funding of Rape-Kit Testing Leads to 1,000 Arrests | The Crime Report

Languishing evidence in 100,000 sexual assault cases around the U.S. has been sent for DNA testing with money from Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance and federal authorities, leading to more than 1,000 arrests and hundreds of convictions in three years. Another 155,000 or more sex assault evidence kits await testing,
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John Jay College on Vimeo

Video from 2 symposiums:

Crime in America and The Hidden Costs of the Criminal Justice System.

Day 1 of the Guggenheim Symposium

0:57 minute mark criminogenic effect of prison

0:59 min Research on mass incarceration

1:09 h:m prison doesn’t work

1:26 h:m restorative justice – can it restore and fix fear?

3:08 h:m violence in America

5:40 h:m mass shooting** excellent for CRJ-302

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Murder clearance rates have actually improved — with one big exception | Modern Policing

This article analyzes city clearance rates for murders and shootings. One key finding is a drop from 65% to 42% since the 1980s in the clearance rate for black and Hispanic victims killed by guns — aside from this category, murder clearance rates have actually improved. Also, non-firearm homicides, which are more likely to yield…
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Charges To Be Declined | Rachael Rollins for Suffolk DA

Don’t District Attorneys swear an oath to uphold the laws of their state? Why are the rights of a criminal put before the rights of a victim?

So if you shoplift (steal from a store) get arrested the DA won’t prosecute?

This will make 2019 Christmas Shopping less painful.

Charges for which the Default is to Decline Prosecuting (unless supervisor permission is obtained).

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