Denver Task Force to Reimagine Policing and Public Safety

Overview: The Task Force to Reimaging Policing and Public Safety is a community based initiative arising out of the tragic aftermath of the killing of George Floyd on May  25, 2020 in Minneapolis and the subsequent nationwide Black Lives Matter solidarity protests demanding the structural transformation of policing. This Task Force is the result of conversations from recent town halls with community members, faith leaders, service  providers, elected officials and Denver Department of Public Safety to move toward  action and healing.

At the website there are several videos from the different task force meetings and several different reports available (including the Task Force Report). Take some to explore what the website has to offer.

The website can be accessed HERE
The Task Force report can be accessed HERE

Tulsa police community policing

The link below is to a dashboard where the Tulsa Police have 2 reports from the Tulsa Commission on Community Policing and an on going assessment on how Tulsa PD is doing compared to the recommendations of the President’s Task Force on Policing.

City of Tulsa
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