Black Lives Matter organizer sued by injured Baton Rouge cop asks Supreme Court to defend protest rights | Courts |

Is there a difference between protest and riot? When does a protest become illegal? A rock thrown by protesters injuring anyone should make the protest illegal. At that moment must the protest end?

A civil rights group is urging the nation’s highest court to overturn a lower-court ruling that said a Black Lives Matter organizer has no First Amendment defense to a lawsuit
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Jennifer E. Cobbina: Hands Up, Don’t Shoot — this is not a pipe podcast

This is an interesting podcast. It is a nice discussion about Professor Cobbina’s book which I’m in the midst of completing.

I have a different reaction to the book than the author of the podcast.

Many people are obviously aware that this nation was founded on a system
of slavery, but what many people don’t know is that the origins of policing
in the United States can be traced to the institution of slavery.”
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Kerner Report Resources

Report of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders


Summary report


The Haas Institute has a conference about the 50th anniversary of The Kerner Report. There is a publication (listed below) and videos from the conference at there website. They lean far left.

The Haas Institute


Several Links here. Links to the conference videos.



The Road Not Taken: Housing and Criminal Justice 50 Years After the Kerner Commission Report


The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Kerner Commission Report


What together we can do A forty year update of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders


The Kerner Commission Report Fifty Years Later: Revisiting the American Dream


The Kerner Commission — 40 Years Later

DPS: Gangster Disciples have called for deaths of police officers

I can’t even imagine this response. I can’t believe that a community would attack the police over the unfortunate event of an officer involved shooting. What is working here are a public few controlling a community. The good public don’t want to dispute the public violence of the minority.

After violent demonstrations in Memphis spurred by the death of Brandon Webber, a street gang has called for the killing of cops.
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