A Growing Number of State Courts Are Confronting Unconscious Racism In Jury Selection

When lawyers in Cedric Hobbs Jr.’s 2014 death penalty trial in Cumberland County, North Carolina, began picking a jury, the pool was 50 percent black. By the time the trial began, there were only two black people on the jury. When the defense accused prosecutors of racial discrimination in the selection process, they acted indignant. “Somehow we’re just racists in this county,” one told the judge.

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Juvenile Data – Juvenile Placement

This is an excellent resource for Juvenile Data.  There are an assortment of statistical tools available on the website.

“EZACJRP was developed to facilitate independent analysis of national data on the characteristics of youth held in residential placement facilities, including detailed information about the youth’s age, sex, race/ethnicity, placement status, length of stay, and most serious offense”.

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Research Aims to Illuminate the Impact of New York’s Sweeping Bail Reform | Arnold Ventures

I hope there is some serious research following these changes. Most of these reforms are counterintuitive any will be worse to victims of crime.

Arnold Ventures is committing $5.5 million to help four expert organizations — CUNY’s Institute for State and Local Governance (ISLG), the Vera Institute of Justice, the Data Collaborative for Justice (DCJ), and the New York City Criminal Justice Agency (CJA) — document how statewide changes to the criminal justice system are implemented amid a challenging landscape.
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The literature review and meta-analysis: 2 journalism tools you should use

Reporters can get up to date quickly on a policy topic by reading a research literature review or meta-analysis. This article explains how.
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Journalists Resource is useful in explaining how to look at reported research. Whether it is in news articles, news media or popular magazines.

Many times articles from Journalists Resource puts into layman’s terms how to digest research.