Beyond the Algorithm: Pretrial Reform, Risk Assessment, and Racial Fairness | Center for Court Innovation

Risk Assessment is a HOT BUTTON issue for the Criminal Justice System. Why is it broken now? Is it broken or is it working too good?

Drawing on a case study of more than 175,000 defendants in New York City, this report concludes concerns over risk assessments perpetuating racial disparities in pretrial decisions are real. However, at least in the New York City example, it finds a more targeted use of risk assessments could both significantly reduce pretrial detention and alleviate racial disparities. But realizing that potential requires jurisdictions to think “beyond the algorithm”—what do they want to use a risk assessment for?
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Integrated Health Care and Criminal Justice Data: Lessons from Camden, New Jersey | Harvard Kennedy School

Integrated Health Care and Criminal Justice Data — Viewing the Intersection of Public Safety, Public Health, and Public Policy Through a New Lens: Lessons from Camden, New Jersey

April 5, 2018Authors: Anne Milgram, Jeffrey Brenner, Dawn Wiest, Virginia Bersch, and Aaron Truchil
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Case Study of NYC Program Proves ‘No Need to Lock Up Kids for Public Safety’   | The Crime Report

Juvenile arrests in New York City were slashed in half since the city stopped sending young people to youth detention facilities far from their homes under the 2012 ‘Close to Home’ law, according to a case study released Wednesday.
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Here are more resources on Youth Detention including a link to the report discussed in the above article.

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