Systemic Police Brutality and Its Costs in the United States | HRW

A .pdf version of the report is available at the website “Kettling” Protesters in the Bronx

Systemic Police Brutality and Its Costs in the United States


On the evening of June 4, 2020, about 300 people marched peacefully through Mott Haven, a low-income neighborhood in New York City’s South Bronx, to protest police violence and systemic racism. Less than an hour into the march, and about 10 minutes before an 8 p.m. curfew went into effect, the marchers encountered scores of police officers with riot gear, including helmets, shields, and batons.
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The World is Watching: Mass Violations by U.S. Police of Black Lives Matter Protesters’ Rights – Amnesty International USA

The killings of Black people in the United States have sparked mass movements across the country as people have taken to the streets to demand accountability, long overdue reforms to policing and criminal justice systems, and end to systemic racism. While the video-taped killing of George Floyd, as well as the killings of Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, fueled the protests, the use of deadly force against communities of color is tragically not new. It is part of a historic pattern of discrimination by law enforcement, including unjustified stops and searches, racial profiling, and excessive use of force.
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Black Lives Matter organizer sued by injured Baton Rouge cop asks Supreme Court to defend protest rights | Courts |

Is there a difference between protest and riot? When does a protest become illegal? A rock thrown by protesters injuring anyone should make the protest illegal. At that moment must the protest end?

A civil rights group is urging the nation’s highest court to overturn a lower-court ruling that said a Black Lives Matter organizer has no First Amendment defense to a lawsuit
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Hands Up Don’t Shoot – Feat. Author & Professor Dr. Jennifer Cobbina 12/10 by Thinking Out Loud Radio Show | Motivation

Tonight we talk wtih a dynamic and bright young intellectual who is an Author & Professor of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University. She received her PhD in Criminal Justice at the University of Missouri – St. Louis in 2009. Her research examines the intersection of race, gender, and how neighborhood contexts shapes crime and criminal justice practices. Dr. Cobbina’s research has been published in high-ranking Criminology Journals. She’s here to discuss her latest book entitled, ?Hands Up Don’t Shoot- Why the protest in Baltimore & Ferguson Matter and how they changed America.? In our discussion we talk about her findings in Ferguson & Baltimore, as well as what she believes Crminal Justice Reform actually looks like in this country. Your in tune for a informative and insightful discussion about not just not Crminal Justice, but the plight of the African American in this country. PLUS, we plan to talk about George Zimmerman’s outlandish $100Mil lawsuit against the parents of Trayvon Martin and what should be done about it, Walmart apoligizes for not just an Ugly Christmas Sweater but a very Insenstive one, and the Crowning of the new Ms. Universe, and this means for African Americans in this history of beauty pagents, And, another powerful Thought of the Week to cap tonight’s show. We hope you tune and share this post all over social media
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Top cop says police must be given new powers to break up protests after demonstrators brought London to a standstill

Lawful protests.

EXCELLENT idea!!!!

Adrian Usher, head of policing Parliament, said there must be a ‘sober review’ of how demonstrators were able to besiege the Palace of Westminster
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