Go read this data analysis that uncovers predictive policing’s flawed algorithm – The Verge

Gizmodo released an analysis that reveals the behind the scenes method about its investigation, co-reported with The Markup, into PredPol’s crime prediction software. Their investigation explained how the software could disproportionately affect low-income, Black and Latino residents.
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LAPD still all-in on data-driven policing after scrapping controversial LASER program — CBSN Originals documentary “Racial Profiling 2.0” – CBS News

Los Angeles police are convinced big data can help fight crime, even after shutting down a program that activists said targeted minorities unfairly.
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LAPD audit reveals dangers of high-tech policing | | wfsb.com

Recently predictive police has come under fire about its accurate and valid predictive powers. Below is a like to a news report on an internal review of LAPD predictive policing.

An audit of the Los Angeles police department is raising questions about new technologies law enforcement is using nationwide with little oversight.
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The LAPD document can be accessed HERE