Seattle police resorting to force less often, but racial disparities persist, report shows | The Seattle Times

One interesting point is the need to use force at low priority calls. I think it shows that police is unpredictable.

The Seattle Police Department’s latest use-of-force data, which include officer-involved shootings, show a continuing decline since 2011, when the Department of Justice found that Seattle officers too quickly resorted to…
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Another article:

The reports can be downloaded from the Seattle PD website.

The Biased Algorithm: Evidence of Disparate Impact on Hispanics by Melissa Hamilton :: SSRN

This report discusses using algorithmic assessments for predicting recidivism. This is an example of the prediction problem and possible biases in the use of assessments.

Algorithmic risk assessment holds the promise of reducing mass incarceration while remaining conscious of public safety. Yet presumptions of transparent and fai
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