Policing by Machine – Predictive Policing and the Threat to Our Rights from Liberty

Predictive Policing and the Threat to Our Rights collates the results of 90 Freedom of Information requests sent to every force in the UK, laying bare the full extent of biased ‘predictive policing’ for the first time – and how it threatens everyone’s rights and freedoms.
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You can get a copy of the report HERE

City Council Push Back on DPD Plan for 2019 | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

I like it when police departments share their policing plan. Others can use it as an example. In the article there is also a link to 2018 statistics.

Dallas City Council members shared concerns Monday about the 2019 crime fighting plan presented by Police Chief Renee Hall to the Council Public Safety Committee.
— Read on www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/City-Council-Push-Back-on-DPD-Plan-for-2019-504998482.html

The 2019 report can be found HERE

Murder clearance rates have actually improved — with one big exception | Modern Policing

This article analyzes city clearance rates for murders and shootings. One key finding is a drop from 65% to 42% since the 1980s in the clearance rate for black and Hispanic victims killed by guns — aside from this category, murder clearance rates have actually improved. Also, non-firearm homicides, which are more likely to yield…
— Read on gcordner.wordpress.com/2019/01/26/murder-clearance-rates-have-actually-improved-with-one-big-exception/

Failing conventionally on gun violence reduction – Jerry Ratcliffe

Failing conventionally on gun violence reduction – Jerry Ratcliffe
— Read on www.jratcliffe.net/blog/failing-conventionally-on-gun-violence-reduction/

Dr. Ratcliffe’s article is response to Philadelphia’s publication “Roadmap to Safer Communities” which can be accessed by the link below.

I love it when a police department or a municipality releases a plan. Especially a crime fighting plan. It allows others to see what others are doing and then barrow (steal) for it or use it to build something new.


QPP Extra – Radiolab Got It Wrong – Quality Policing Podcast

This podcast takes a look at data and police use of force.

The author has one of the BEST commentaries on data and analysis of police use of force and bias and where the mews media fails interpreting police contact data.

THIS IS A MUST LISTEN for anyone discussing police use of force.

QPP Extra – Radiolab Got It Wrong – Quality Policing Podcast
— Read on qualitypolicing.com/qpp-extra-radiolab-got-it-wrong/



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