Policing homelessness | Modern Policing

This guide from Arnold Ventures summarizes evidence about homelessness and provides recommendations for police. Suggestions include fostering collaboration, using data, providing training, and using a problem-oriented approach. The document offers examples from Philadelphia and Wichita, explains the negative consequences of punitive measures, and lists talking points for police to use with the public.
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Court Ruling Limits What Cities In Western U.S. Can Do To Address Homelessness : NPR

The U.S. Supreme Court is leaving in place a lower court ruling that says cities can’t ticket the homeless for sleeping on public property until they’ve found shelter for everyone who needs it.
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More cities restricting homeless | Modern Policing

This article reports an increase over the last 3 years of cities enacting laws that place restrictions on homeless people. Laws restricting camping, panhandling, sleeping in vehicles, and sharing food have all become more common, according to a study of 187 urban jurisdictions. City officials say they need tools to manage a difficult situation, while…
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