“Through Police Eyes—the Ferguson Effect Scare” by Ronald T. Hosko

This is one of the BEST articles on the “Ferguson Effect”.

Hosko has the best timeline of events that initiated and continued to support fears and concerns the maintained de-policing. This is a very honest and truthful examination of the “Ferguson Effect”. It is also pro-Police.

The dynamic world of American policing encountered a period of great turbulence during the closing years of Barack Obama’s presidency. Some place blame at his feet while others recognize the broader complexities of police and community relations, the impact of serious and deadly use of force incidents, the amplifying effect of the media, expansion of social media, police funding and training challenges, and myriad other factors as contributing to what’s now referred to as “the Ferguson effect” where police retreat from traditional proactive policing.

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Baltimore police union issues scathing report describing department in chaos due to mismanagement – Baltimore Sun

The union that represents rank-and-file Baltimore Police officers issued a scathing report Tuesday blaming intense violence in the city on severe mismanagement of the police department, accusing Commissioner Michael Harrison and other city officials of ignoring available solutions in favor of political platitudes.
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The Mismanagement of the Baltimore Police Department and its Impact on Public Safety

Here is a a LINK to the Union Report

The Baltimore Sun limits views of their News Paper.  Here is another source:  https://www.wmar2news.com/news/region/baltimore-city/baltimore-police-union-releases-scathing-report-describing-a-department-in-ruins

Here are links to the Baltimore PD crime plans and strategies

SEE also:  https://www.wbaltv.com/article/baltimore-police-commissioner-crime-plan/28433643# 

BPD Crime Reduction Strategy HERE

Crime Reduction & Departmental Transformation Plan HERE

SBA Head: New York’s Anti-Police Sentiment Causes ‘Pantaleo Effect’

The “Pantaleo Effect” is similar to the Ferguson Effect. The Pantaleo Effect is a description of what occurred in NYC as a result of the events the followed the Garner case.

President Donald Trump pressed the mayor of New York on July 25 to “stand up” for police officers who have been doused and sprayed with water.
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Ferguson: As It Unfolded

This is an interesting article to outline how the events in Ferguson unfolded.

The killing of Michael Brown by a white police officer on a Ferguson street was the spark that ignited years of frustration, distrust and anger. Protests, fueled by social media, spread; new issues emerged. Here, from the epicenter, is the story of Ferguson.
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Ferguson diagnosed a national illness. But five years later, it hasn’t been cured.