‘Stop-and-frisk in a car:’ Elite LAPD unit disproportionately stopped black drivers, data show – Los Angeles Times

Before or after reading this news article take the time to listen to the podcast at the link below. Just because police activity is disproportionate to the race of the population does not mean there is inappropriate behavior by the police.

Podcast on statistics and disproportionality HERE

Black drivers bear the brunt of an LAPD crackdown in South L.A. by its elite Metro division. Metro officers stop African American drivers at a rate more than five times their share of the city’s population, according to a Times analysis.
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Policing by Machine – Predictive Policing and the Threat to Our Rights from Liberty

Predictive Policing and the Threat to Our Rights collates the results of 90 Freedom of Information requests sent to every force in the UK, laying bare the full extent of biased ‘predictive policing’ for the first time – and how it threatens everyone’s rights and freedoms.
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You can get a copy of the report HERE

Racism in the Rear View Mirror | ACLU of Illinois

The ACLU of Illinois released a new report – Racism in the Rear View Mirror – examining Illinois traffic stop data reported by law enforcement agencies across the state from 2015 to 2017.  The report highlights significant racial disparities persist in traffic stops. For example, Black and Latinx drivers are more likely to be asked to consent to a search, but white drivers are
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Police shootings report by – Tampa Bay Times and Radiolab

Below there are two reports on police shootings.


Part-one of 2 podcasts


Interesting comment at About 31:00 COP Daytona Beach Mike Chitwood arrests are 60:40 almost exact as the population


Shots fired part 2


FL Newspaper Tracks Police Shootings: 827 In Six Years

No one was keeping track of police shootings in Florida, the third-largest state. So in 2014, the Tampa Bay Times set out to count every officer-involved shooting in Florida during a six-year period. At least 827 people were shot by police, one every 2 1/2 days. More than half, 434, were fatal. Blacks were shot at a higher rate than whites. On-duty police are almost never charged with crimes for firing, even though agencies pay millions to settle civil lawsuits, the Times reports.



For an alternative view you MUST see



QPP Extra – Radiolab Got It Wrong – Quality Policing Podcast

This podcast takes a look at data and police use of force.

The author has one of the BEST commentaries on data and analysis of police use of force and bias and where the mews media fails interpreting police contact data.

THIS IS A MUST LISTEN for anyone discussing police use of force.

QPP Extra – Radiolab Got It Wrong – Quality Policing Podcast
— Read on qualitypolicing.com/qpp-extra-radiolab-got-it-wrong/



For an alternative view see:



Opinion | When the Police Become Prosecutors – The New York Times

READ this article carefully. The premise of the article is that misdemeanor level offenses are being made criminal. Common misdemeanor offenses like larceny, damage of property, drug possession, weapons possession, and assault. These are crimes all day long. I think the author is wanting to decriminalize these offenses. Really?

Officers quietly wield a lot of unchecked prosecutorial power.
— Read on www.nytimes.com/2018/12/26/opinion/police-prosecutors-misdemeanors.html