Traffic Stops in Baltimore County Maryland

There are 3 types of police stops for vehicle and traffic infractions: Moving, non-moving, and administrative. When you look at the data keep in mind what type of stops are most used? Also think how police might be issuing the traffic tickets. Are the tickets the reason for the stop? Is the ticket an infraction detected after initial stop like the car was stopped for speeding and then it was discovered that the driver’s license was suspended. Or was a crime discovered that was totally unrelated from the stop like the driver was speeding and a gun was observed in the vehicle.

It would be interesting to know the initial reason for the stop for each stop and then see how the stops progress.


The dashboard has analysis of police traffic stops in Baltimore County Maryland

The Dashboard can be accessed HERE

Report from Baltimore County Maryland Equitable Policing Advisory Group: Initial Findings and Recommendations

Justice Talks | CNA

Racial equity in traffic stops: Instituting reform by changing data collection and policing practice.

This was an interesting discussion on how police should make traffic stops. The use of data and what disproportionate stops because of race means.

There were some interesting assertions made as to research and types of tickets issued. I contacted CNA by email to learn more about the connection between they type of ticket written moving, non-moving, or regulatory and bias.
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America’s War on Cops with Heather Mac Donald – The Charlie Kirk Show –

Essayist, author, and attorney, Heather Mac Donald, is a Thomas W. Smith Fellow of the Manhattan Institute and an American treasure. She joins the show to discuss the current explosion of violence and rioting in Minnesota and around the country after the police involved shooting death of Daunte Wright, who resisted arrest during the altercation. Heather cuts through the noise and the emotional arguments filling the mainstream media’s nightly news coverage to bring the facts. Are police racist? Are they targeting black people? Are we headed toward another era of urban blight? This is a must listen to interview with one of America’s most knowledgeable experts on police violence. 
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The Science of Justice St. Louis County Police Department National Justice Database City Report

The project’s overall goals were to (1) examine whether some racial groups in St. Louis County experience more frequent or burdensome police contact than other groups; (2) identify factors that contribute to any existing racial disparities and the extent to which these factors can be influenced by SLCPD; and (3) provide recommendations for actions SLCPD can take to address any identified disparities. Police/CPE Report w Cover Letter.pdf

Racially Charged: America’s Misdemeanor Problem LIVESTREAM Harvard • Brave New Films (BNF) – YouTube

This version of the video is in 2 basic parts. The first part of the video is the movie “Racially Charged: America’s Misdemeanor Problem” which is about 40 minutes. The second part is a group of experts that discuss the problem with the present criminal justice system. The main cause of the problems are of course driven by misdemeanor arrest and the police. America would be Nirvana if there were no police and no arrests. The experts never have to live with the consequences of their suggestions. I will comment more on the expert’s commentary but for now make your own assessment of the movie and the experts. It is interesting that ALL the experts had the SAME POINT of VIEW. It would have been nice to give someone with an opposing point of view to add some depth to the discussion.

The movie is Very interesting about all the aspects of misdemeanor enforcement, arrest, trial, conviction, and incarceration.

Racially Charged: America’s Misdemeanor Problem exposes how our country’s history of racial injustice evolved into an enormous abuse of criminal justice powe…
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Police Strategies LLC Report on SPD Police Interaction – City of Spokane, Washington

Police Strategies LLC commissioned for a study on SPD relations with community around gender, age, and race.
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Read this interesting article from a local news reporter.