Report finds Tens of Thousands of New Yorkers Jailed Because of Unaffordable Bail | New York Civil Liberties Union

NEW YORK – The New York Civil Liberties Union released a report today on five years of bail data in eight small, medium and large upstate New York counties, which found tens of thousands of New Yorkers spent time in jail before trial because they could not make bail. The report, Presumed Innocent for a Price, draws from 2010-2014 data obtained through public records requests
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Jail as Injunction

Jail as Injunction

Georgetown Law Journal, Vol. 107, 2019 Wake Forest Univ. Legal Studies Paper

This article discusses the impact that pretrial detention can have on a defendant and their family.  The argument here is that the defendant’s family should be considered when determining bail.

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Half a million people sit in jail every day in America who have not been convicted of a crime but stand merely accused. Detention can cost defendants their jobs, housing, or even custody of their children; detention makes defendants more likely to commit a crime and can harm them mentally and physically; it takes a toll on their families and communities too. Courts simply ignore these serious harms when deciding whether a defendant should lose her liberty because of a mere accusation of wrongdoing. In striking contrast to criminal cases where the government so often succeeds in obtaining before trial the relief that it ultimately seeks—incarceration of the defendant—civil plaintiffs attempting to obtain before judgment the relief that they ultimately seek—by way of a preliminary injunction—face quite a challenge.

Marsy’s Law-Giving victim’s a voice

In New Hampshire, the senate has overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment known as Marsy’s Law.

If it wins final approval from voters this fall, the amendment would enshrine a list of rights for crime victims into the state constitution. They include the right to be notified of when the accused is released on bail, the right to be heard at sentencing hearings, and the right to reasonable protection from the accused.

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Criminal Justice topics on the ballot

This is exactly the type of programs, policy, and laws that are an example of the impact of the Criminal Justice System on a Community.

Think about how these proposals would impact the community.

Are the proposals based on political rhetoric or evidence based practices?

The report from The Marshall Project that discusses several different Criminal Justice initiatives that can be decided at the Ballot box.   See the report HERE

Pretrial Detention and Bail

Here are a news article and a website on “Mass Bailout” and a publication on pretrial detention.

Ex-NYC Probation Chief: Why I Joined the ‘Mass Bailout’

 Mass Bail out of women and youth

 Research pretrial detention