Comprehensive Strategy for Reducing Violent Crime

This is interesting. The Department of Justice released a memorandum on the Comprehensive Strategy for Reducing Violent Crime. The problem is that the DOJ has little to do with violent crime that occurs in communities. The DOJ and it’s enforce arm the FBI very rarely is involved with neighborhood street crime (State crimes). When the DOJ is involved with crime at the State level. It is usually through a task force operation and that involves a partnership of officers from state police, county sheriffs, and c/t/v police. This leads me to say that the DOJ has little experience fighting local state level crime and are not in the best position to set strategy for a comprehensive plan to stop crime.

Anyways check out their memorandum and see what you think.

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Justice Talks | CNA

Racial equity in traffic stops: Instituting reform by changing data collection and policing practice.

This was an interesting discussion on how police should make traffic stops. The use of data and what disproportionate stops because of race means.

There were some interesting assertions made as to research and types of tickets issued. I contacted CNA by email to learn more about the connection between they type of ticket written moving, non-moving, or regulatory and bias.
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Ad Hoc Committee on Police Policy | Eugene, OR Website

Throughout this blog there are various posts of reviews, committees, and reforms on policing below is just another example.

Eugene City Council created the Ad Hoc Commmittee on Police Policy to review current police policies and make recommendations to the City Council for changes and improvements.
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The final report HERE

Averted School Violence (ASV) database – 2021 Analysis Update

A very interesting point of the data analysis is on page 11 the most common security measure used where potential attacks were averted was “Security Officers or Police Officer at/in school”. It is not surprising to me but in the current climate where there is a push to remove police from school in the capacity of SRO or SLO this call for action should be re-examined.

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